The Jubilee-KANU Post-Election Agreement: An Analysis

The Jubilee-KANU post-election coalition agreement should be interpreted as Uhuru Kenyatta’s uncanny political ‘theory’ in determining who succeeds him in 2022. However, this political deal does not qualify Uhuru Kenyatta as a political maverick but as a circumstantial political nanny attempting to replay Daniel Moi’s political script then christened as Project Uhuru. Background to the Post-Election […]

The 59th Commemoration of Patrice Lumumba’s Assassination

Friday the 17th of January this year will mark the 59th anniversary of the assassination by the US, Britain and Belgian governments of Patrice Lumumba, the first democratically elected leader of Congo, now known as the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). His two top aides, Joseph Okito and Maurice Mpolo were also killed. Career criminals and mafia […]

Unpredictability: Somalia’s Undoing

When we examine the troubles that cripple the establishment of a strong and viable governance system in Somalia, there is an issue, that’s constantly overlooked or undermined. You will hardly find this as a topic of discussion in an intellectual or political level. I am referring to lack of continuity in government offices. Throughout the […]

Peaceful Coexistence and Religious Tolerance

I welcome this opportunity to share my views on the importance of peaceful coexistence and religious tolerance with this distinguished audience. Despite continuing conflicts in several parts of the world there is good reason to believe that mankind’s age-old search for peace is at last beginning to achieve some success. Indeed, according to Steven Pinker […]