The Future of Personal Air Transportation

Point to point long distance travel is, for the most part, efficient for passengers and profitable for companies. Between the airlines, railways, and highways most places in the world are quickly and readily accessible with respect to the limitation of today’s technology. As time and technology has advanced, travel has only gotten easier and quicker. […]

Accommodation of Cultural, Religious and Ethnic Diversity: A Core Challenge for the 21st Century

Everywhere people are on the move. One of the inescapable implications of globalisation is an enormous increase in the interaction between people from different backgrounds, cultures, languages and religions. The management of the resulting cultural, language and religious diversity will be one of this century’s greatest challenges. Throughout the world populations are becoming more cosmopolitan: […]

FIFA World Cup: How Africa Has Lost

The FIFA World Cup is here again, this time in Russia. The FIFA World Cup epitomises the predicament of African economies vis-à-vis the global system. Most African vendors will not be allowed anywhere closer to the stadiums. FIFA has to protect its sponsors from the ‘illicit’ use of its private sporting event to earn profits, […]