Accommodation of Cultural, Religious and Ethnic Diversity: A Core Challenge for the 21st Century

Everywhere people are on the move. One of the inescapable implications of globalisation is an enormous increase in the interaction between people from different backgrounds, cultures, languages and religions. The management of the resulting cultural, language and religious diversity will be one of this century’s greatest challenges. Throughout the world populations are becoming more cosmopolitan: […]

African Cultural Renaissance

In Aspiration 5 of Agenda 2063, Goal 16 (African Cultural Renaissance is preeminent) speaks to "An Africa with a strong cultural identity, common heritage, values and ethics: Inculcating the spirit of Pan Africanism; tapping Africa's rich heritage and culture to ensure that the creative arts are major contributors to Africa's growth and transformation; and restoring […]

Youth, Culture and Sport

The potential contribution of the audio-visual and cinema sector to Africa’s development cannot be overemphasised. The process of organizing the development of the audio-visual and cinema sector at the continental level started many years back when the 2nd Ordinary Session of the African Union Assembly held in Maputo, Mozambique in July 2003 passed a resolution […]