Development through Volunteering

This week the African Executive interacted with two youths, Zamblan and Samantary who are volunteers with the Salvation Army. The youths are out to help the community fight poverty and sustain itself. Q. Tell us about yourselves. A. We are volunteers of Salvation Army. People refer to us as “counselors” but we prefer being called […]

Tapping Talent

Laban is a self made pianist, song composer, sound technician and repairer of electronic equipment. He was not lucky to complete his studies due to financial constraints but as somebody put it, ‘one’s gift opens a door for him’. From a humble remote village, Laban has traversed many regions on performing appointments. The African Executive: […]

Life in Makindu

The African Executive visited Makindu town, situated 70 Kms away from Sultan Hamud along the Nairobi Mombasa highway, in Makueni District. Mr. Malombe, a small holder farmer who doubles up as a boda boda cyclist shares some insights on his home town. Q. What explains the phenomena of this town being dull during the day […]

Let’s focus on Quality Education

The African Executive caught up with Educationist John Njeru Proprietor of Embu Kawa Academy, writer and retired college Principal. Njeru’s resilience has seen him rise from classroom teacher, Head teacher, Senior Lecturer, Principal Lecturer, Deputy Principal, Senior Principal to Chief Principal. Q. Briefly tell me about yourself. A. I joined primary school in 1956. In […]

Is it life or money?

This week The African Executive talks to Emily Lagat, a nursing student at Baraton University currently doing her internship at a local Provincial hospital. Q. What inspired you to join the nursing profession? A. For a long time I suffered from asthmatic attacks. Having had first hand experience of what asthma victims go through, I […]

Is there Hope in Africa?

This week, Rev. Silas Ntonyiri, a man of the cloth, shares insights on Africa in the Christian teachings with Josephat Juma of The African Executive. Q. There is a general belief in the academia that Christianity was a tool of colonialists to pacify the bulk of the African folk before colonising and plundering them in […]

The Plights of the Deaf

This week, Christabel Obuhatsa who has taught pupils for almost thirty years shares her experience with Josephat Juma of The African Executive. Christabel is a teacher at Agha Khan Deaf Unit. Excerpts: QUESTION. It is a privilege to meet someone who has deliberately devoted selfless energy to serve the deaf. What led you to develop […]

Africa has the Cure

Dubbed as the Father of Herbalism, Anthony Kithinji Mwongo is the Chairperson of the Eastern Africa Herbalists Association. He is the founder of Kenya Neem Foundation and is authorized to operate herbal cures all over East Africa. Josephat Juma, reporter for The African Executive caught up with him in his clinic.Excerpts: Q. Briefly tell me […]

The haves and have nots

The Centre for Independent studies hosted three liberals; Manuel Ayau,(President emeritus Universidad Francisco Marroquin, Guatemala), Barun Mitra (Director, Liberty Institute, New Delhi)and James Shikwati(Director, Inter Region Economic Network, Kenya). Below are excerpts from an interview with Wofgang Kasper. (Professor Emeritus of Economics, University of New South Wales) which appeared in Policy 4 Summer 2002-3 […]

Networking for better Education

Marion Atieno is the Head teacher of Kibera Glory Secondary School and the Chairperson of the Network of Schools for Low Income Families. Below are excerpts from a dialogue with her. Excerpts: Q. When was your organization founded? A. It was founded in March 2004 after a workshop hosted by IREN Kenya and The Friedrich […]