Burning Planet: Climate Fires and Political Flame Wars Rage

Economic and political polarization will rise this year, as collaboration between world leaders, businesses and policy-makers is needed more than ever to stop severe threats to our climate, environment, public health and technology systems. This points to a clear need for a multistakeholder approach to mitigating risk at a time when the world cannot wait […]

Extreme Natural Events Reversing Development Goals

Cyclones in the Caribbean and Pacific, devastating bushfires in Australia, recurrent floods and droughts in Asia and Africa, increasingly bring tragic loss of life to our nations and communities, inflicting physical and mental trauma on survivors, and causing irreparable damage to centuries old ways of life and undermining prospects for future prosperity and growth. The […]

Collision of Cultures and Communication in Forest Conservation Campaigns in Kenya

Kenya has been promoting the participation of rural communities in the management and utilization of natural forests through Participatory Forest Management (PFM). The PFM approach adjacent communities to forests adjacent and other stakeholders in management of forests within a framework that contributes to community’s livelihoods. Numerous benefits are expected to flow to individuals from PFM. […]

New Ocean Treaty Should Not Undermine Existing Legal Instruments

Delegates negotiating the terms of a new treaty governing the planet’s high seas considered how that instrument will interact with existing bodies and frameworks, as the Intergovernmental Conference to draft a legally binding instrument on the conservation and sustainable use of marine biological diversity concluded its first week. Among other things, speakers shared their views […]

The Mwarobaini Scenario: Water Hyacinth on Lake Victoria Defies Popular Response

The Semblance of Plenty in a System of Neglect Mwarobaini (Kiswahili for Neem tree) is well-known in East Africa not only for its conspicuous lush leaves, but more importantly for its medicinal value. It is believed that its leaves can cure an estimated forty types of diseases, hence its Kiswahili name “Mwarobaini” meaning forty. While […]

The Congo Basin: Africa’s Lung

Africa has irreversibly embarked on a path towards profound change. With each passing day, our Continent is asserting itself more and more, looking to the future with confidence and serenity. And yes, we do realize there are plenty of challenges. To be sure, the most significant of these, today, is how to reconcile the need […]