Despite Criticisms, Madagascar Moves Ahead With COVID-Organics

While Western and Europeans and Asians race to find vaccines for coronavirus, Africa can no longer wait for that scientific discovery that experts have said it would, most probably, be ready in a year or two. Some experts have argued that coronavirus would never disappear, but rather becomes endemic. Indeed, the crisis has put the […]

Flattening the Curves within ‘The Curve’: A Call for Social Awakening Alongside Social Distancing

There are many things about the current global framing of COVID-19 that can frustrate. But one of the most disingenuous and counter-productive by far (particularly when it comes to informing how societies should flatten the so-called ‘curve’), is the notion that ‘the virus does not discriminate.’ The hospitalisation of Britain’s Prime Minister Alexander Boris de […]

Russia’s Strategic Politics of Coronavirus Aid Takes the Stage in Africa

With coronavirus rapidly spreading among the population of 148 million, Russia took the third position in the world. According to the official data provided on May 11, Russia had an aggregate total of 221,344 COVID-19 cases. The United Kingdom and Italy earlier reported 219,183 and 219,070 cases, respectively. Spain comes in second with 224,390 coronavirus […]

Anti-vaccine Campaigns & Playing with Herd Immunity

The Health Divide: Doctors Without Borders Comes to the U.S. The international aid organization Doctors Without Borders, is best known for its work surrounding natural disasters and violent conflict in poor regions of the world. Now the group has dispatched a team to the Navajo Nation in the U.S., where residents say they’re not getting […]

Laboratory Services: The Backbone of a Health System

In a globalised era where pathogens regularly cross international borders and when controlling the spread of communicable diseases is a priority, laboratory services are increasingly being recognised as the pillar of national and global disease surveillance programmes. To better monitor and control global public health threats the World Health Organisation (WHO) introduced International Health Regulations […]

Antimicrobial Resistance: Interventions in Developing Countries

Antimicrobial resistance: interventions to reduce antibiotics require tailored approach in developing countries Study led by University of Warwick examined adherence by clinicians and patients to the advice of a new blood test to assess necessity of antibiotics Adherence varied significantly across and within three different sites, suggesting that contextual factors affected its effectiveness Recommends that […]