Where Do We Get the Moral Clout to Demonstrate Against US’s Racism?

There are realities we need to address before we stand up and take on others who do the same things we do. What transpired recently in the US where racist police are known for systemic brutalities against African Americans speaks volumes. Right from the outset, I argue that we must put our house in order […]

Ruto Should Strike a Political Deal with Raila Odinga to Stay Afloat

There is no absolute enmity in politics except permanent interests based on individual ambitions. This is the reason why many political leaders could loathe each but are still able to mend fences to safeguard self-interests or the collective good. Despite the turbulence Deputy President William Samoei Ruto is going through in the Jubilee government, there […]

Turkey Is Africa’s Trusted Ally – Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu

It is possible to understand Turkey’s determination to bring her relations with Africa at the highest level possible by looking at the figures. We increased the number of our Embassies in Africa to 42, from 12 in 2002. The number of African Embassies in Ankara increased from 10 at the beginning of 2008 to 36 […]

Covid-19: A Global Stick on Classical Economics and Inequality

The globe has passed through humanly engineered and natural viral weaves, that have resulted in 50 million plus death tolls in total.  At least — in 1889: the Russian Flu killed 360 thousand people in North America and Africa. In 1918: the Spanish Flu killed 50 million and in 1957: the Asian flu extirpated 1.1 […]